Here you will find news articles and questions about technology and society

News Article Assignment: Makey Makey (November 2015)

The students read and analyzed a video about an invention that uses circuits in a new and exciting way.

Theo Jansen's Amazing Creatures (December 2015)

The students visited an exhibit in Telefonica that showcased a Dutch inventor's contributions to art and technology.

News Article Assignment: Christmas Lights (January 2016)

The students learned about a popular tradition in the United States and calculated how many watts LEDs and incandescent lights consume during the holiday season.

Behind Your Smartphone: Planned Obsolescence (February 2016)

As a part of a larger cross-curricular project, the students learned more about the way manufacturers think when designing mobile phone and other products.

Here you can find all the materials used in this cross-curricular project (English, Natural Science, Social Studies and Technology).